Sustainable Gifts that Give Back

Presenting... a few special brands that give back! The holidays add so much to our lives: friends, family, laughter... and trash. That's a whopping 25% more trash than usual generated during holiday festivities, according to a new study.

So this season, let's resolve to make a positive difference when spreading holiday cheer instead of contributing to the problem.

ECOlunchbox invites you to be more mindful this year by purchasing gifts and goods like our plastic-free, zero-waste lunch boxes as well as from other responsible brands we recommend that adhere to social and environmental business models, fair-trade practices, non-toxic ingredients, and support charitable organizations.

Learn more about a few brands we love and some special offers they have right now!

Paper Culture 

Nothing is simpler nor sweeter than a card. Show your loved ones, and the earth, how much you care with one from Paper Culture. Every card is made with sustainable materials and a tree is planted with every order!

Paper Culture is recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as a Top 10 Climate Leader and is certified as a Green Business.

Seaweed Bath Co.

Perfect stocking stuffers, Seaweed Bath, Co., a line of products harnesses the power of seaweed to create shampoos, soaps, and creams that detoxify and hydrate skin and hair. Every product is infused with sustainably sourced, nutrient ingredients from the sea.

Lake Champlain Chocolates

Chocolate is never sweeter than during the holidays, except when it’s made with organic and fair trade certified ingredients. Lake Champlain Chocolates is dedicated to crafting the most delicious gourmet chocolate in their Vermont factory using only the most ethically sourced ingredients possible!

Bee's Wrap

Store your food all year long with organic cotton infused with beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin, which is exactly what Bee's Wrap is made of! It becomes a washable, reusable, and compostable alternative to plastic wrap. It's the perfect way to eliminate plastic from your kitchen by using a healthier, more sustainable way to store our food. 

There’s nothing quite like seeing a loved ones face light up when you gift them the perfect present. Now it’s easier than ever to make that perfect present perfectly eco-friendly so we can continue to enjoy the holidays for generations to come.

The holidays also remind us to remember the neediest and unfortunately, our planet needs our care more than ever. Need a little nudge to transition to green gift giving?

According to an environmental report called Tis the Season...To Take out the Trash, this stark statistic means there is about one million extra tons of garbage each week during the holiday season. This heaping pile of holiday waste adds more methane, carbon dioxide, and water vapor into our atmosphere in levels we simply can’t afford anymore, according to this report published by the National Environmental Education Foundation. 

Additionally, the United Nations panel on climate change recently released a harrowing report on the effects of greenhouse gas emissions. Change is coming much faster than we realized. By 2030, the planet will warm up by as much as 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unless...we are all working together to change our behavior for the betterment of our planet and future generations. And there’s no better time than the holidays when love and the light of the world seem to glow a little brighter.

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