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Eco Dogs on the Go

Eco Dogs on the Go

It’s hard to resist heading out under the big blue sky with your pooch the minute the sun starts to shine a little warmer each spring. But before you hit the trail, have you thought about going green with your pet care habits?

Here are a few eco-friendly pet tips and tricks to help make your next walk in the park or trekking trip healthier for you, your canine companion, and our planet.


Tick and flea prevention is essential before putting even one paw outside. To combat these pesky, potentially dangerous pests, we traditionally use loads of chemicals. But there is a better non-toxic way to attack this problem!

Tick & Flea Prevention

Ticks are everywhere! Prevent Lyme disease with an eco-friendly remedy with Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Flea & Tick Spray or make your own. Primarily Inspired tested out a DIY rose geranium oil treatment and it works! Lightly spray your pets coat with a mix of oil and water before heading out.

As for fleas, throw away those flea collars and switch to a non-toxic brand. Studies have also shown high-levels of pesticides found on pet’s fur after using flea collars. If it’s on your pet, it’s going to get on you, too!

Instead, use a flea comb on a regular basis as well. A simple bath is always a good solution. Lather of any kind drowns fleas.

Dogs on the Go - Eco-Friendly Dog


Now that your pooch is armed against those insidious pests, it is finally time to take a hike.

Pack Treats

Whether you walk one dog or ten, a little treat on the trail is always appreciated.

Select treats that are grain-free with no pesky additives like soy, salt and sugar. A great way to guarantee the best treats for your pup is to bake your own! Cut down on packaging and store them in an ECOlunchbox.

Our ECOdipper snack tin works fabulously well as a training tool. Give this steel container a rattle to get your pup’s full attention. Then open sesame and reward in eco-style!

Quench that Thirst

Staying hydrated is key. Pack your dog their very own insulated bottle from Klean Kanteen. Easy to pack, simply pour the water into your parched puppy’s open mouth. The insulation keeps the water refreshingly cool on a hot day.

A Blue Water Bento Seal Cup Medium container works as a pack-and-go water bowl with a no-leak silicone lid. For portable bowls, try Kurgo’s Zippy Bowls.

A stainless steel ECOlunchbox Three-in-One is perfect for the campsite - pack dry food and snacks upstairs and use the lower compartment for water.  Super compact!

Biodegradable Baggies? Not So Fast!

Those green poop bags you are so committed too? They may not be as great as they seem. “Biodegradable” isn’t a well-regulated term and can be misleading.

Opt for pet waste bags from BioBag USA that are made from a resin mix of plants, vegetable oils, and compostable polymers. Their bags come in a variety of sizes and safely compost in municipal composting facilities. Do not compost dog waste in your backyard bin. The bags aren’t designed for this and it could create a health risk.

Dog on the Go - Plastic-free containers for your pet

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