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Gift Certificates for Grads

Gift Certificates for Grads

We now have online gift certificates, just in time for graduation!

Whether moving on up to higher education or out into the working world, your grad will appreciate a sleek, and durable, reusable lunch box to help them keep fed at work or school.

These graduation gift certificates include lunch boxes that are made of sturdy, long-lasting, food grade stainless steel. There are no plastic parts making our food containers healthy for people (no leachy chemicals) and environmentally friendly (by keeping plastic out of the landfill).

Let them have their pick from our online shop stocked with printed lunch bagsstainless steel lunchboxes, plastic-free snack containers, and a wide assortment of lunchtime accessories. We even have stainless steel camping trays for that backpacking trip they've been talking about.

gift certificate to ECOlunchbox is the gift your graduate will appreciate.

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