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Thank You, Early-Birds!

Blue Water Bento

Whale hello there!

Day 2 and we're already 20% funded! A big, heart-felt thank you to everyone who has pitched in so far.

Making a big splash at the beginning of our campaign increases likelihood we'll be featured on Kickstarter's homepage, social media and on blogs. If you can share with a friend, that would be a HUGE help.

Find us and tag us on social media:
@ecolunchboxes on Twitter & Facebook | @ecolunchbox on Instagram & Pinterest

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Thanks so much!
Sandra, Megan & Justine

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Blue Water Bento Kickstarter

It's Here! Our Blue Water Bento Kickstarter!

The Art of Eco Laundry

The Art of Eco Laundry

Woohoo! We Made Our Kickstarter Goal

Woohoo! We Made Our Kickstarter Goal!

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