ECOspork and Cork
ECOspork and Cork ECOspork and Cork ECOspork and Cork
$ 10.50

This is the ultimate mini eco tool to-go! You can pack to go in stealth mode. It can be your secret weapon against using throw-away plastic utensils that crop up everywhere. Did you know that plastic utensils are made from such low grade plastic that they're usually not even recyclable? They must be put in the garbage bin for disposal.

We think you'll fall in love with this little tool that you'll be able to pack easily and whip out as a badge of your eco honor whenever you're eating on the go. Don't you think it's clever how our friends at Bambu designed the cork sleeve to sleekly protect the tines on the fork from dirt or damage?

To top off all its eco-friendly features, this all-natural set is made from cork, organic bamboo and finished with organic food-safe oil. Cork sleeve measures 4 inches long by 2 1/4 inches wide.