Peace On Earth Straw (for Free!)
Peace On Earth Straw (for Free!) Peace On Earth Straw (for Free!) Peace On Earth Straw (for Free!)
$ 9.00

Put one of these Peace on Earth straws in your cart along with $35 or more in ECOlunchbox goods and you will get the straw for free. It's our plastic-free gift to you! No coupon code required. 

Single-use plastics, like plastic straws, are always in the top ten list of types of litter found at beach cleanups. These glass straws are easy and elegant plastic-free swaps from our friends at Simply Straws. They've made these beautiful, blown glass, durable and reusable, etched green straws.

Each straw comes etched with a little love from ECOlunchbox! These 8-inch straws are 9 mm in diameter and designed to fit in the holes of many straw lids, so next time you order out, B.Y.O.S. (bring your own straw)!



Product Details:

  • 1 beautiful etched glass straw.
  • Designed to fit the holes in many straws lids, 8mm in diameter.  
  • Straight classic 9mm x 8" green glass straws (perfect length for many jars).
  • Hand wash and use a cleaning brush.
  • Reusable and durable, made from borosilicate glass, the strongest glass commercially available.