Local Love Gift Set
Local Love Gift Set Local Love Gift Set Local Love Gift Set
$ 26.00

Join us in celebrating Valentine's Day with an eco-friendly gift set featuring a Solo Rectangle container filled with a lovely trio of sustainable treats from local indie food companies.

Our ECOlunchbox "Local Love Gift Set" is designed to shine a light on the fun flavors local food entrepreneurs are cooking up right here in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's a uniquely green gift that your Valentine and Mother Earth will love!

Here's the line-up for our sweet and salty limited edition gift set:

  • 1 ECOlunchbox Solo Rectangle (29 oz. capacity, retail value $20)
  • 2 Regrained Chocolate Coffee Stout Bars (1.16 oz. each, compostable wrapper, retail value $2.25)
  • 1 Karma Nuts Coconut Crunch Cashews (1.5 oz., gluten free, retail value $2.65)
  • 1 Bitty Foods Chocolate Chip Trill Cookies (6 oz., gluten free, retail value $10)

Hungry for more info? Read the stories behind these local foods and their founders on our blog.