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Plastic Free Picnic Set

The simple act of packing a picnic can do wonders for your psyche. Whether it’s exploring the inviting green spaces of your garden, a tree-filled park by your office or venturing farther afield, eating food in the great outdoors is a universal pleasure best enjoyed with a friend.

Too often, however, eating on the go creates needless trash. Paper plates, plastic utensils, and paper napkins are common culprits. Not to worry. We have a plug and play analog solution to this common eco quandry.

Our Plastic-Free Picnic Set for 2 people is designed to help you elevate your picnicking by offering a gorgeously plastic-free experience that’s healthy for your mind, body and our planet.

This rugged yet elegant set includes 2 leak-proof, non-breakable Seal Cup Jumbos and 2 Seal Cup XLs with enough capacity to pack a generous meal for two people. Plus, the set includes 2 divided stainless steel Camping Trays and 2 Tableware Trio steel utensil sets. Plus, you can use the pull-down menu to add a Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler!

The leak-proof Seal Cup Jumbo holds 6 cups, which is ideal for salads and entrees. For your side dishes, the Seal Cup XL’s capacity of 3.25 cups works out great. Say goodbye to soggy paper plates and load up your goodies on our ECOlunchbox’s divided stainless steel Camping Trays.

And for wine lovers, add a pair of Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers. 

Picnic Kit Includes:
● Seal Cup Jumbo - Measures 7 inches diameter by 3 inches tall. Capacity is 48 oz (6 cups). Great for the main course!
● Seal Cup XL - Measures 6 inches diameter by 2.75 inches tall. Capacity is 26 oz. (3.25 cups). Perfect for sides!
● Tableware Trio - Fork, spoon and knife travel utensil with nifty ring clip. Unlatch clip for easy eating. Snap clip shut when you're on the move with your three-piece set. Tableware Trio utensils each measure about 6 inches long.
● Camping Tray - Measures 8.25 inches x 9.75 inches x .75 inches tall.
● Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler - A wonderful addition to your no-waste picnic kit. Made of 18/8 stainless steel, it holds 11 oz. and keeps white wine chilled longer than glass or crystal.
● Non-toxic silicone lid and type 304 stainless container are free of estrogen-mimicking chemicals commonly found in plastics like BPA, BPS, and phthalates.
● Tare weights are etched on the bottoms of the Blue Water Bento Seal Cups so containers may be used to buy prepared foods by weight.
● All parts are dishwasher and oven safe. Not for use in the microwave.
● Steel and silicone container is lighter than glass containers and nonbreakable.
● Made responsibly in China.

 Stainless Steel     Zero Waste     Reusable