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Eco Gift Wrap Kit (Free With Purchase over $30!)

Hit the easy eco button by having your ECOlunchbox shipped with our free plastic-free Eco Gift Wrap Kit.

Free with purchase over $30 using the code FREEGIFTWRAP at check-out or purchase for $5. 

This novel eco-wrapping set is made up of several plastic-free, recyclable elements:

  • A recycled kraft paper gift bag that is a good size to hold any style of our products
  • 1 sheet of teal tissue sheet folded flat
  • Round kraft sticker expressing our "Healthy for People & Planet" values
  • Color-coordinated Blue Water Bento artistic postcard for use as a gift card

Keep in mind that we ship this gift wrapping flat. The ECOlunchbox item you purchase will need to be put inside and the wrapping assembled before gifting. So it's not appropriate if you're shipping directly from our warehouse to your recipient. Best for in-person giving!

The set comes packed flat with a recycled kraft bag and a sheet of teal tissue paper. Plus we’ve added a custom eco-sticker communicating the values of this zero-waste gift and a matching ocean-themed gift card.

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