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Plastic-Free Gardening Tips

Check out these 6 plastic-free gardening ideas to help you tune up your eco act in the garden this spring. Did you know plastic crops up everywhere when it comes to gardening supplies? Get some new ideas to ditch plastic in the garden.
Trashy Takeout Eco Challenge

Trashy Takeout Eco Challenge

Restaurant dining has become a super trashy endeavor during the pandemic. They serve everything in throw-away containers. So, we decided that educating, inspiring, and activating our community around trashy takeout would be an engaging way to celebrate Earth Day 2021!

Stainless steel lunch containers with melon and tortilla chips on a picnic blanket at a lake.

Ready to Get a Jump on Spring?

Here are some fun ideas to get spring in your step before Mother Nature turns the corner. Warmer weather is around the corner, so let’s get in the swing of spring.
Zero Waste Lifestyle Hard During Pandemic With Lots of Trash

Reusables During A Pandemic

The reusables movement has been playing defense since the pandemic hit, but there are still numerous ways to take charge of your waste. Don't give up! Check out these easy tips.

How To Throw A Zero Waste BBQ Tips

How To Throw A Zero Waste BBQ

Let’s be real. It’s almost impossible to throw a totally zero waste BBQ or party. But hosting one that’s (nearly) zero waste is actually pretty easy. I attempted my first zero waste BBQ five years ago. Since then, all my parties and hosted gatherings have followed suit.