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ECO Your Lunchbox!


Join ECOlunchbox’s Community Game!

Join us in sharing eco-lunch hacks and enter to win a $50 ECOlunchbox gift certificate!

We’re all knocking the rust off our lunch packing habits. It’s been a minute since we could eat on the go, so let’s get in the spirit together! Play our new “ECO Your Lunchbox Game!”

Designed for your lunching pleasure, you could win a gift certificate prizes as dessert for earning the most points!

So, let’s get started!

Here are the rules!

  • Earn points for specific actions listed below.
  • Top point-earner wins $50 gift certificate prize.
  • Two follow-up winners will be awarded $20 gift certificate prizes.
  • Valid on Instagram only.
  • All eligible posts must include the hashtags #ECOyourlunchbox and #ecolunchbox to be eligible for points.
  • All entries valid through Sept. 31 midnight PST.

Point-Earning Actions!

  • Follow us on Instagram! Earn 1 point.
  • Like this ECOlunchbox gallery post. Earn 1 point.
  • Post a zero-waste, healthy lunch hack on your Instagram account or comment directly on this ECOlunchbox gallery post to earn 1 point apiece.
  • Snap pictures of your amazing eco-lunches and post on Instagram during the contest period. Earn 1 point per photo or 2 points if they include an ECOlunchbox product.
  • Invite a friend or a whole community of friends, neighbors, and classmates to join our game by tagging them on this ECOlunchbox gallery post with the game announcement! 1 point per invitee that comments on the post!

Winners will be announced October 7th!



Game on, lunchers!

Please join us in having some fun as an ECOlunchbox. Whether you’re reapplying great strategies used prior to the COVID-19 shutdowns or just getting started on dialing in green routines, we hope our “ECO Your Lunchbox Game” inspires you to be the best lunch packer you can be!

Have questions about the contest or rules? Get in touch with us on our website or DM the team on Instagram!

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