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Eco Beautiful Girls Gift Guide

Eco Beautiful Girls Gift Guide

Get into the holiday spirit with these natural ideas for gifts and holiday/pajama party fun! Bringing some healthy glam into our girls’ lives can be super challenging, as beauty products are often filled with hidden toxins. We certainly don’t want our mini Wonderwomen to put dangerous chemicals on their nails, skin and hair. What’s a pajama party planner to do?

Pick out a few of these items to empower your own special girl, tween, or teen (and maybe a mom or two), and reduce their exposure to chemicals found in everyday soap, makeup and shampoos. (Always read your labels and double-check questionable ingredients at Skin Deep.) Fortunately, several eco-friendly companies have you covered with chemical-free beauty products, so let’s party.

Eco Beautiful Girls Gift

From Their Tips to Their Toes

Mani-pedi mania abounds, but many nail polish brands contain multi-syllable chemical ingredients that endanger female reproductive health. Try Piggy Paint’s  eco-friendly nail polish that’s “natural as mud” (but we swear it’s much prettier).

Their Blueberry Patch is a virtually odorless, hypoallergenic, water-based formula with a durable finish. Paint a couple of coats on your squiggly little one (or let teens get artistic themselves). Did we mention these are the perfect stocking stuffers?

Kissably Sweet Lip Butter!

Is your eco beautiful girl’s lip gloss good enough to eat? The ingredients should be healthy enough to swallow and 100% natural, but too often makeup contains chemicals that are unpronounceable and unhealthy! 

Urban Oreganics sells a plastic-free tube of peppermint lip butter that's made from coconut and shea. It's a vegan product that's packed in a compostable paperboard tube!

Bath Salts

Soak and Soothe au Natural

Who doesn’t love to slather on a refreshing lotion or soak in a luxurious bath? Avoid  products with harmful ingredients packed in unnecessary plastic by going DIY. It’s hands-on fun for the next sleepover party, play date, or mother-daughter evening.

Make your own Bath-Time Bliss Soaking Salts, then tuck them into a stainless steel ECOdipper. When the salts are used up, toss the container in your lunch drawer for reuse or whip up another batch.

You could also make your own DIY Body Butter and pack it in a reusable, ECOlunchbox Solo Cube. You’ll enjoy the smooth, silky butter and spare your body harsh ingredients.

non-toxic haircare products

Luxurious Locks Go Green, So to Speak

Regulations regarding hair products are lax, so that yummy looking bottle of scented shampoo may contain dangerous ingredients. Breathe deep, though: Check out Rock the Locks’ slate of fun, non-toxic haircare products, including Lock It and Rock It Hairspray, infused with essential oils and a natural “super fruit complex” that lets you say goodbye to hold-your-nose, chemical-smelling fumes forever. They’re affordable and fun for the whole family.  

Finally, gift a naturally beautiful plastic-free brush and comb set from Rhoost made with natural bamboo and bristles to get your little one stylin’.

May you and your loved ones have the healthiest of holiday seasons!


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