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ECO Gardening

Egg-cellent, Indoor Gardening!

15 days ago
Ready to start your spring planting? Try this ECO fun project starting seeds indoors in repurposed egg shells and then burying the compostable eggs with their seedlings outside in your garden. 
Trashy Takeout Eco Challenge

Trashy Takeout Eco Challenge

Restaurant dining has become a super trashy endeavor during the pandemic. They serve everything in throw-away containers. So, we decided that educating, inspiring, and activating our community around trashy takeout would be an engaging way to celebrate Earth Day 2021!

Stainless steel lunch containers with melon and tortilla chips on a picnic blanket at a lake.

Ready to Get a Jump on Spring?

Here are some fun ideas to get spring in your step before Mother Nature turns the corner. Warmer weather is around the corner, so let’s get in the swing of spring.
ECOlunchbox B Corp

ECOlunchbox is proud to be a Certified B Corporation!

Have you ever seen the B logo and wondered exactly what that certification is all about? ECOlunchbox is a proud B Corp! We want to offer you a chance to learn about "Benefit Corporations" and what makes a better business!
ECOlunchbox Plastic Free B Corp

Farewell 2020, Hello 2021!

With hearts somber yet filled with hope for a brighter future, we bid adieu to 2020 and welcome 2021. We are pleased to report that in the face of so many challenges, ECOlunchbox was nevertheless successful in moving forward with our work to educate, inspire and activate people to say goodbye to plastic.
Plastic Free Shipping by ECOlunchbox

Gifty Plastic-Free Packaging!

This year we’re able to ship your gifts directly from ECOlunchbox with our complimentary zero-waste, plastic-free gift packaging. All shipments will be beautifully packed in crinkle-cut paper, with a handwritten gift postcard, and shipped in a decorative kraft box with custom printed celebratory packing tape.
Carbon Neutral No Plastic Shipments by ECOlunchbox

Plastic Free, Carbon Neutral Shipments

ECOlunchbox Shipments Are Cleaner and Greener Than Ever Before! When you order our products onlin...
Zero Waste Lifestyle Hard During Pandemic With Lots of Trash

Reusables During A Pandemic

The reusables movement has been playing defense since the pandemic hit, but there are still numerous ways to take charge of your waste. Don't give up! Check out these easy tips.

Bite into Fall Flavors

Bite into Fall Flavors

We’ve put together a round-up of our favorite ECOlunchbox fall recipes to inspire you to plan some family time in the kitchen that will warm your hearts, fill your home with connection (everyone uplugs from Zoom!),  and result in healthy, seasonal foods we think the whole family will enjoy.

Jennie's Halloween Lunch

Jennie's Halloween Lunch

This lunch itself is so easy to make, but is full of fun! The “main course” is a organic cheese and veggie sandwich, with a spooky, Jack-o’-lantern face cut out of the top piece of bread.
Hit The Trail not Trash Can

Hit The Trail not Trash Can

As we all trudge through the new normal of a socially distanced lifestyle, many of us are resorting to spending time outdoors with our families. Our love for nature can have terrible repercussions on our parks and wilderness areas. Fortunately, with some pre-planning you’ll hit the trail, not the trash can, the next time you headout for some outdoor R&R.

Say Goodbye To Plastic: A Survival Guide For Plastic Free Living by Sandra Ann Harris Launch Blog

ECOlunchbox Founder Publishes Book!

“Say Goodbye To Plastic” by ECOlunchbox Founder Sandra Ann Harris is an invitation to readers everywhere to joyfully join the plastic pollution movement by reducing dependence on single-use plastics piece by piece, room by room. In between colorful stories, readers will find practical advice on how to reduce the use of plastics and find that through small, actionable steps.
ECOlunchbox Is Now a B Corp!

ECOlunchbox Is Now a B Corp!

The reason we were founded in 2008 was to make a difference by helping people say goodbye to plastic at lunchtime and beyond. We set out to build a company that put to market plastic-free products that were healthy for both people and the planet.

Zero Waste School at Home

Zero Waste School at Home

This year is a great year to focus on reducing and reusing with your kids by checking out what you already have on hand and finding fun, creative, solutions for making less of a mark on the environment in the midst of the pandemic. While you might not be headed back to the classroom, that doesn’t mean you can’t make back-to-school a fun adventure for your family!

Glamping With Stainless Steel ECOlunchbox Metal Divided Trays by ECOlunchbox

Glamping ECO style!

Zero-Waste, Plastic-Free Gloriously Green Camping Tips Glamping can mean duvet covers in the wood...
Say Goodbye To Plastic by Sandra Ann Harris Pre-Order Campaign

"Say Goodbye To Plastic" Book Pre-Order

Our founder Sandra Ann Harris is publishing a book called "Say Goodbye to Plastic." Pre-orders placed in July 2020 will be matched with a one-for-one donation to a Title One school. The book is partly a memoir recounting Sandra's founding story of ECOlunchbox as well as an inspirational call to action for people everywhere to join the plastic-free movement. It's packed with how-to plastic-free living tips.

ECOlunchbox Plastic-Free Snack Containers for Road Trips

Road Trip! Tips for Snack Attacks

If you’re traveling with kids, invite them to pack snacks they love. Help them stock up with a variety of healthy options, and be sure to pick shelf-stable snacks that don’t need refrigeration. When kids pack their own goodies, they’re more likely to actually eat them. 
Fun Facts About Seaweed and Hand Roll Recipe by ECOlunchbox

An Ocean Superfood: Seaweed

Learn more about seaweed, a great seafood that's not fish. Here are five surprising facts about this mysterious marine species, plus a recipe for vegetarian Japanese-style hand rolls.

ECOlunchbox Black Lives Matter Statement of Support

May We All Breathe Freely

A letter from our ECOlunchbox founder about Black Lives Matter. As a green business, our voice has traditionally been loudest when it comes to environmental issues, but I’m reaching out to share with you that’s not the only thing we care about at ECOlunchbox.
California Green Business Plastic Free ECOlunchbox

California Green Business Certified!

Join us to celebrate. ECOlunchbox has once again achieved a California Green Business Certification! From our products to our supply chain, every area of our business is eco-friendly.

Trading ECO Tips with Grandparents

Trading ECO Tips with Grandparents

Wisdom passed down to us from our grandparents is an invaluable gift. They can teach us how to take care of our planet with a little more compassion, and, in turn, we can pass on some tips and tricks to our elders! Sharing knowledge goes both ways.
Covid 19 Hiking Social Distancing Tips

Covid 19 Trail Tips

Nature’s tonic beckons for many of us who are sheltering in place to stay safe during the Covid 19 outbreak. In California and Washington state, the rules allow 10s of millions of residents to go to the grocery store, the bank and seek medical services - plus exercise outdoors so long as health precautions are followed.
Planet Impact 2019 Update

Planet Impact 2019 Update

2019 was a year to celebrate many plastic-free accomplishments here at ECOlunchbox! Our mission is to help the environment by providing the best plastic-free food containers we can put to market that are healthy for people and planet as well as educating about the dangers of plastics. ECOlunchbox’s mission to avert plastic pollution and

News Splash: Bento Wet Boxes

News Splash: Bento Wet Boxes

Designed specifically with the larger portions of take-out in mind, the Round Bento Wet Box and the Large Rectangle Bento Wet Box are the latest additions to the ECOlunchbox family. Perfect for even the messiest of meals, these plastic-free and leak-proof food containers are designed for meals as wet as the ocean.
Back To The Future

Back To The Future

There are many tools in our eco toolkit to help us live a plastic-free life. The answers to today's problems aren’t only to be found in high-tech gadgets, materials and softwares of the future. By utilizing plastic-free items such as steel, which has been used for centuries, and combining it with silicone creates innovative live-green solutions for modern consumers.

Founding Story Jeff Kirschner Litter App Called Litterati

Got Litter? There's an App for That!

Jeff Kirschner has dabbled in many careers -- advertising, bartending, ringtone developer, writer --  but a simple walk with his young daughter brought him to his passion project: helping the world map and measure litter worldwide.
Compostable - Worse Than Plastic

Compostable (Worse Than Plastic?)

Why “biodegradable” utensils aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Plant-based, compostable or biodegradable bio-plastics are marketed as a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic. But are they better or worse than plastic? Do they really biodegrade?
Zerowaste Gift Wrapping Love

#Zerowaste Gift Wrapping Love

Wrapping Valentine's Day presents is easy and waste-free with upcycling. Roses are red, violets are blue, I love #upcycling, how ‘bout you? Aim for a #zerowaste V-day and that warm fuzzy feeling you’re experiencing will be from more than the champagne.
Zero Waste Leftovers Tips for Plastic-Free Lovers by ECO lunch box

Zero Waste Leftovers

There’s something about leftovers. They always taste better the next day. Whether it’s pizza for breakfast or a post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich, leftovers are delicious and cut down on food waste.

Learn How To Start Selling Our Plastic-Free Products

Learn How To Start Selling Our Plastic-Free Products

We'd love to educate, inspire and sell our plastic-free food containers with you! Please fill out...
Zero Waste Grocery Shopping

Zero Waste Grocery Shopping

Trends come and go but occasionally one comes along that inspires us to permanently change our lives for the better. Consumer packaged goods all have one thing in common... they come in packaging. But we can do our part by learning to shop in zero-waste style! 

6 Easy Eco Kitchen Tricks

6 Easy Eco Kitchen Tricks

The cooking, eating, cleaning up, and disposal of food is one of the most fundamental aspects of human life. It occupies a lot of our time and energy each day. You can reduce food waste, eliminate much of your trash production, and use less energy and water in a variety of small ways.

Why Buy Ocean Friendly?

Why Buy Ocean Friendly?

The choices you make as a consumer matter, but what makes a company or product Ocean Friendly? There is hope as more companies like ECOlunchbox are fighting the plastic epidemic with Ocean Friendly products, and we as consumers can aid this movement through what we choose to purchase.

Sustainable Gifts that Give Back

Sustainable Gifts that Give Back

The holidays add so much to our lives; friends, family, laughter....and trash. Twenty-five percent more trash to be exact. According to an environmental report called Tis the Season...To Take out the Trash, this stark statistic means there is about one million extra tons of garbage each week during the holiday season. 

Why No Metal in Microwave?

Why No Metal in Microwave?

Microwaves are the popular choice for reheating foods stored in containers - be they last night’s leftovers or a packed lunch. We get questions from our eco-friendly customers all the time about whether food can be reheated in the microwave in our stainless steel lunch boxes.